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Webinar Follow-Up
We just finished giving our second NLTSB Webinar for the public and had a lot of good interaction and questions from those participating. Thanks, everyone, for coming and making the webinar very enjoyable.

For those of you who were present: What comments, feedback, and suggestions would you give us about the webinar?

For those who weren't present, and those who were, and those who made it right when it was over (you know who you are): Should we do more NLTSB webinars in the future? If so, what kinds of topics for discussion would you like us to address?
posted by Sean Harrison at 8:05 PM
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Reviews of the NLTSB
During my blog delinquency (there ought to be a sniglet for that. If not, maybe bloglinquency would work), a number of reviews of the NLT Study Bible have been popping up online over the past month, especially, since Laura Bartlett sent several review copies to other bloggers. Here are a few (and I'll keep adding more):

ElShaddai Edwards posted some initial thoughts about the NLT Study Bible's focus on historical context. He later posted comparisons of the NLT Study Bible with other study Bibles.

Somewhat related to the NLT Study Bible, Rick Mansfield posted what appears to have become an influential article about the rise of the NLT. A few days later, Rick posted his review of the NLT Study Bible itself.

Brian Fulthorp posted some thoughts about our treatment of Gen 1:1–2:3.

Nick Norelli's initial reaction and full multi-part review.

A Review: The NLT Study Bible by tc robinson.

NLT Study Bible: Introduction Features (1) by Nick Norelli.

NLT Study Bible- a Review by Bryan Lilly.

NLT Study Bible or Devotional Bible? by David Ker (specifically regarding the note on Gen 19:26).

Just a quick note about the NLTSB… by ElShaddai Edwards.

NLT Study Bible: Hand-On Review by Rick Mansfield.

Iyov posted his concerns about shortcomings in the NLT Study Bible.

TC Robinson takes issue with the study note on Col 2:12.

Bryon's weblog includes his preliminary observations, followed later by a three-part more-or-less review of the NLT Study Bible. In his reviews, he goes from being basically disinterested to somewhat enthusiastic (I hope I'm characterizing his perspective correctly).

Gary Zimmerli has written several thoughtful posts reviewing the NLT Study Bible, discussing the NLT itself, and talking about study Bibles in general.

InternetMonk has posted a substantial review.

Dr. Mellow (Greg Cohoon) has written his first impressions of the NLT Study Bible.

Stan McCullars wrote a helpful review.

Ray van Neste posted a review of the NLTSB Pastoral Epistles.

Jeff @ ScriptureZealot has written some brief observations.

TC Robinson has done an interesting head-to-head comparison of the NLT Study Bible with the ESV Study Bible in the Book of Jonah.

Kevin Sam at New Epistles has reviewed the NLTSB.

Somewhat related, Laura Bartlett's NLT Study Bible Seminar + Giveaway! has been generating a lot of good questions about the NLT Study Bible. We will be addressing many of these questions over the coming days.

Are there other reviews that I have missed?

Added Sept. 3, 2008
Douglas Mangum compares the NLTSB to the ESVSB for the book of Jonah in three parts (part one, part two, part three).

Added Sept. 4, 2008
Shaun Tabatt has posted a short review on his blog.

Eddie Arthur has posted a review on his blog.

Added Sept. 9, 2008
Exegete77 has now written his first post in a series review.

Henry Neufeld has posted a comparison of the NLT Study Bible with a variety of other study Bibles.

Brent Kercheville at Christian Monthly Standard also posted a review of the NLT Study Bible.

John F. Hobbins posted an outrageously funny spoof about the Southern Baptist Convention banning the NLT.

Added Sept. 10, 2008
Richard at psalterium has posted a brief initial review of how the NLT Study Bible handles the Psalms.

Henry Neufeld has posted a short review of Rom 14:1-12 in the NLTSB and the NISB.

Added Sept. 15, 2008
Brent Kercheville examines the NLT Study Bible note on Mark 11:13-14.

Peter M. Lopez writes about his first week with the NLT Study Bible.

TC Robinson examines the study notes in Col 1:15.

Added Sept. 23, 2008
Douglas @ blackreformingkid is reviewing the NLT Study Bible in several installments (#1 #2)

Added Sept. 24, 2008
Brian at CedarSpringsSkinny posts his initial impressions of the NLT Study Bible.
posted by Sean Harrison at 6:30 PM
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Online NLT Study Bible Now Available
After a pretty intense couple of months of development, the Online NLT Study Bible is now available. You can sign up for 30 days for free, after which you'll need an access code. Every printed NLT Study Bible comes with an access code that gives you permanent full access to the Online edition.

Please come take a look around and tell me what you think, what we've done well, and what we can improve. What features would you most like to see in the Online NLT Study Bible?
posted by Sean Harrison at 4:49 PM
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NLT Study Bible Online
In the last couple of weeks I’ve been delinquent from my blog while helping Tyndale’s web development team to create the online edition of the NLT Study Bible. It’s been a lot of fun to work on this project — seeing the NLT Study Bible take shape as a web application is exciting, and I enjoy working with an enthusiastic and talented team of people like this one. It’s also interesting to see the similarities and differences between print design & typesetting and web design & programming.

Here are a couple of highlights about the online edition:

• Permanent registration for those who buy the print edition.
• It includes all of the features of the print edition.
• Fully searchable NLT text (of course!).
• Linking of all Bible references.
• The ability to create personal study notes (not right at launch, but in a later release).
• Full print resolution maps, illustrations, and other visual aids (for personal or ministry use).

One of our goals with the online edition is to give people a variety of ways to connect with the NLT Study Bible personally and experientially. I’m not allowed to say more than that right now, but I stay tuned to this blog and the NLT blog for updates over the next few weeks and months.
posted by Sean Harrison at 8:00 AM
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