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Technical Difficulties Resolved, Future Plans
We've been having some technical difficulties with the blog for the past couple of weeks, but now our crack team of web programmers has solved them, so things should be able to continue normally. My plan is to continue to keep you apprised of developments with the NLT Study Bible, and with "NLT study" as a general topic. For example, coming up soon I plan to discuss the NLT Study Series, an innovating and exciting series of Bible studies that we are publishing, beginning this fall with Genesis, John, James, and Romans.

I also will continue to interact with content in the NLT Study Bible, issues of translation, and studying with the NLT. Looking forward to it!

But let me ask you: What other kinds of topics would you like to see addressed on this blog?
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NLTSB Online, version 2
Tyndale has just released the next version of the online NLT Study Bible. Here is Laura Bartlett, marketing manager for the NLT, to tell you about it. -SAH

NLT Study Bible Online: Public and Private Note-Taking
by Laura Bartlett

We've launched phase two of the NLT Study Bible online! This release makes the online study Bible even more user-friendly with the addition of a few new features, especially public and private note-taking.

Private notes: Create comments alongside the text just as you would write notes in the margins of a print Bible. Every time you log on to your account, those notes will be there. Only you will be able to see these notes. Make notes on a single verse or any range of verses within a book.

Public notes: You can create comments alongside the text that anyone using the NLT Study Bible can see and respond to. Benefit from others’ insights, ask questions, and understand the Bible better together. You can toggle on and off the NLT Study Notes, public notes and private notes so you can decide what sets you want to see.

There are a few other nice upgrades which you may notice makes browsing and searching the text a bit easier, including the ability to independently scroll the Bible text and notes, and increase or decrease the font size.

The NLT Study Bible was the first study Bible to launch with full online access available to owners, and now this is the first online study Bible to offer both public and private note-making.

If you already have an NLT Study Bible online account, this feature has already been activated in your account. If you don't have an account, sign up for a 30-day free trial here (or purchase an NLT Study Bible--each copy has a unique user code so you can create an account). If you have previously used a trial account, your account has been re-activated for 30 days so you can try out the new feature.

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